vrijdag 26 september 2014

Help Xi Jinping cleanup Communist China !!

Help Xi Jinping cleanup Communist China !! 

Recently said China's President Xi Jinping that democracy is not a decoration , but a tool to solve problems of the people. He is quite right !! We like to help him very much. 

The problem is that the only permitted political party in China, the CCP , which itself is the leader Xi Jinping , sees democracy as subversion . One hundred years of communist history has taught us that wherever communism reigns a hell to live . Murder , starvation , torture, rape ............ and so on . In China, this hell squared. Nearly 1 billion innocent people are killed at the hands of the Communist Party in China in the last 65 years . This is a quarter more than the number of victims of the first and second worldwar together !!! 

However this China recognized by the World, it is not the real China. China is occupied by the Communists , colonized , as they have done in Tibet and the Uighur areas. Some other areas are given away to include the Soviet Union. Big areas are severely polluted. The true Chinese government, the first democratic government in Asia, was chased to Taiwan in 1949 . The true China is called " Republic of China" abbreviated as ROC. The ROC was founded in 1912 , with the five-color flag as the national flag and the song " Glorious Clouds " as the national anthem , originally composed by the Belgian Henk van Hout. 

After the of the Berlins Wall in 1989, the German Weimar Republic returns to life. And after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, Republic of Russia returned to life. The fall of Communists China is also expected.

We like to help the people to prepare for the fall of the communist regime in China and with the return of the Republic of China which are still standing in Taiwan. His Holiness the Dalai Lama said in August 2010 at a meeting with Chinese in Wiesbaden, Germany “the ROC is ideal for China”. 

On 28 September and 1 October, we are going to help Xi Jinping to realize his Chinese Dream. We torn the five-star flag of the communist regime and their valuta--RMB in pieces. To support the strikes democracy in Hong Kong we support their initiative and we shave our hair off . Through this action , we also support the Tibetans who did this before during actions. Uighurs are also part of this protest and will wear headscarves made of the Uighur flag. With this twe also protest against the sentence of life imprisonment for ilham Tohti by a communist court in China.

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