zaterdag 5 maart 2016

Protest letter to the Thai Government

Arrest and repatriation of refugees from Occupied Areas of Republic of China by Thai goverment, in cooperation with the Chinese Communist government is a shame!

Dear Thai government and Thai people,

Today, March the 3d, 2016, we learned that the Thai government, despite of pressure from the international community and in cooperation with the Communist government, following arrest and repatriation of democrats such as Jiang Yefei, Dong Guangping, Gui Minhai from Occupied Areas of the Republic of China, as well as a large number of Ughurs, Falun Gong practitioners whose belief is Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, has again arrested and is preparing for the repatriation of 9 Chinese UN-protected political asylum applicants. As shown in the following picture from left to right, they are: Dong Junming, two brothers of Li Xiaolong, Song Zhiyu, Li Xiaolong and his 1-year-old child, his wife Gu Qiao and their year-old children, Zhang Wei. These 9 persons have all recognization and protection from UNHCR as refugees.

We are very concerned about this development. Please think of any ways to protect the safety of this nine people immediately and please safe guard the safety of all in Thailand remained refugees from the Occupied Area of ​​the Republic of China.

More and more evidences show that the Thai government is becoming increasingly not only closer and closer to Chinese Communists bandits, but also an accomplice of the evil Chinese Communist Party. Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha publicly told the media that he did not care for response of the international community, he felt that the repatriation of refugees to Communists China is in the interest of Thailand and he did not consider hemself wrong. We hope that the Thai government repent on this, does not take the 1.4 billion people in the Occupied Areas of Republic of China as enemies and does not become the enemy of the human conscience.

Thailand is a Buddhist country. It should have been based on compassion, enlight the world to brightness, peace, humanity and ration. It should promote good while punishing evil. How can Thailland does nothing to save people while they need? And even become an accomplice of evil against innocent victims, adding insult to injury?

CCP is from the origin the European Satanism. It is from the nature anti-heaven, anti-earth, anti-human. It is an evil force in this universe. Its ultimate goal is to destroy the mankind. By promoting atheism and evolution, it destroys mankind's belief in the deities. By destroying mankind's orthodox culture and normal life, it brings human to the state of killing, acting like the devil. "Communism" is only the word just for deceiving people. 

History has shown that wherever communism sweaps , there are natural disasters, man-made holocausts, lies, violence, power misuse and famine. The communist camp of the former Soviet Union is already disintegrated.These regions all have embarked on a democratic path and rebirth. The crimes committed by the Communists are in liquidation. These regions and countries have put the "Communist Party" and the "Nazi" side by side. And Communist Party has became a banned organization . Chinese Communist regime's collapse and disintegration is also only a matter of time. At that time, people of unjustly occupied area of ​​the Republic of China will put Communist regimes and their international accomplices to trial and liquidation. We really do not want to see that Thailand becomes one of them.

Republic of China is Asia's first democratic republic, the first to use "zhong guo - China" as the name of the country, so "zhongguo - China" as the name of the country exclusively belongs to the Republic of China . From the beginning,Thailand and Republic of China are also good allies. However, Communists Party, as a wandering evil spirit in Europe, selected China-the Divine land long ago. Because among the ancient human civilizations, Chinese civilization is still an alive one. Moreover, in the history of 5000 years of human development, dynasties en their nationals of the Divine land all gave respect to their heavenly destiny, sharing their divine civilization, spreading their gifts from Heaven, such as the wanderful skills and products, selflessly around the world. So in evil spirits opinion, if the Chinese civilization is destroyed, its evil purposes can be easily implemented. So Soviet Union instigated and provoked the Sino-Japanese war to drag the Republic of China into the sea of bitterness of war, Soviet Union took this opportunity to establish a "Chinese Soviet" to split the Republic of China. Then Soviet Union pretended to be the mediator, forcing the Chinese military cooperate with the Communist guerrillas, forcing the ruling National Party of the Republic of China accept the Communist Party members. Since then, the CCP was able to legally make use of espionage, denial, rogue and all acts of terrorism to undermine the Republic of China. Chinese government had to move to Taiwan, the mainland of Republic of China is fallen into the Communist clutches.

Since the communist terrorists in mainland of Republic China, under the slogan of pseudo-democracy, took the political power illegally for themselves, they have never delivered on their commitment to democracy. But they have never stopped killing and persecution of innocent Chinese people. The number of killed Chinese people by the CCP regime in the past 67 years is estimated at over 100 million, of which 80 million can be historically dated! In today's era which is seen as highly civilized, CCP is launching organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. The number is up to several millions. Crimes against humanity, or genocide, it does not matter how you may call. This is the biggist evil on this planet ever!

In addition to maliciously slaughtering and insulting citizens in the occupied areas of Republic of China, Communists regime but also kidnapped the United Nations, so that the CCP regime of Satan was able to take the international status of Republic of China. Remenber. Republic of China was one of founding menbers of the United Nations and was one of the five permanent members of UN Security Council till 1971. The word "Republic of China" is thereafter forced to be erased from the brain of the Chinese people as well as the peoples from the whole world. National flag of Republic of China was replaced by the CCP with Satanism worshipped red five-star flag. National anthem of the Republic of China was replaced with war promoted bloody military song. Term China as well as Chinese nation are forcibly to be delimited to the term of Chinese Communists Party. Since then, the Chinese people as well as people from the whole world do not know the simplest fact that Chinese Communist Party is not equal as China. People have lost their normal thinking and judgment,. They blindly equivalent Chinese Communist Party to China and the Chinese nation. Anyone who opposes the CCP, is immediately and shamefully labeled as anti-China.

Fortunately, Thailand is a democratic country and has signed "the Universal Declaration". Of all China's neighbors is Thailand the only country where Refugee Agency of the United Nations to be found. It is an very, very important channel through which Chinese refugees can escape from the clutches of the CCP. Therefore, the attitude of the Thai Government to the Chinese refugees 
not only determines  their life or death, but also determines the future of humanity and conscience. Therefore, dear Thai government and Thai people, we urge you, in the name of human morality and conscience, please uphold the goodness in your heart, please reject the bribe and economic insanity of the Chinese Communists terrorists. We believe that no matter how crazy the evil can be, righteousness belongs to those who adhere to the conscience, belongs to you, belongs to us.

Dear Thai government and Thai people, perhaps you think that the CCP is a very powerful country, is a large economic power in the world. But you should see that the so-called economic power of the CCP is just boasted on some fabricated data, it is based on nationals exploitation and plundering of resources of Chinese descendants in the coming generations. Currently, a large number of influencial enterprises of the United States, Japan and Taiwan, are pulling out of the Communist Occupied area. Some bold experts predict that the bubble economy of the CCP bandits will completly collapse in about six months. Western countries and civil society, such as the Netherlands, are in discussions and deployments in response to
disastrous scenarios which the collapse of Chinese Communist country shall bring to them. In order to to suppress mass uprisings the one after another, in order to maintain the crumbling regime and in order to attempt delaying judicial trials and liquidation, CCP regime needs also money.Therefore CCP kills people alive, removes their organs to achieve huge profits. In order to find excuses to deceive the world for its crimes, CCP regime launches fake news and fake videos, like the one about self-immolation on the Tiananmen Square by Falun Gong practitioners. CCP is also succesfully able to slander the Dalai Lama and succesfully depict the Dalailama as a separatist, a breakdown advocate and refuses for dialogue, But in fact the Dalai Lama has repeatedly stressed that he is willing to do be Chinese citizen!

Dear Thai government and Thai people, perhaps you think even the Chinese themselves have recognized this evil regime, you as a neighbor, as foreigner, feel powerless. But you should know about the facts. In past 67 years, Chinese in the occupied area never ceased their resistance. They are not submissive, not complaining. Some of them are waiting in frustration. Others are accumulating their strength in silence. Some are up in arms, according to incomplete statistics, there are about 500 mass uprisings every day in indifferent size in the occupied areas of Republic of China. You should also see that the CCP high-levels are biting each other, grappling with each other becuase of corruption and anti corruption. In essence, even high officials of Chinese Communist regime are so despairated about their regime that their children, families, their property are all transferred to other countries. Such a rotten regime, how comes that Thailand is willing to curry favor with it?

If the Thai government is really for the benefit of Thailand, like Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said, then Thai government should see the truth, should be a friendly to Chinese people and should condemn and resist the CCP's despotic power. Why? Because only when the Chinese Communist regime is completely swept into the dustbin of history, Asia as well as the world can run in normal economic and ecological environment. Thailand can then enjoy the real peace.

Since ancient times, we, Chinese people are hard-working , intelligent, courageous, and generous. When the evil CCP's tyranny is cleared from the space of human existence, we will, as in the history, create brilliance again. We, Chinese people, all love our country very much. We escape from our home in the Divine land, which nurishes us generations after generations is really a choice of last resort. We are sure that one day, we will return to our land, rebuild our homes. Then we shall be very grateful to have being protected by the grace of your government and your people! We promise to work with Thailand hand in hand, side by side, as friendly neighbors and allies in a new era of history!

Self-government of Occupied Areas of Republic of China

Together with Truth Commission China --For Justice and Dignity

March the 3d 2016 in The Hague, The Netherlands

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